Notice of Meeting – Adoption of Rules of Association

Date: 9th April 2017 
Time: At the conclusion of Club Crit Champs 
Location: Rockingham Smeaton Way course 

On July 1st 2016 a new Associations Incorporation Act became law and what this meant to all incorporated Non-Profit Organisations was that they required about 80,000 associations to review their Rules of Association or Club Constitution to ensure that the changes to the Law were incorporated into the Club Constitution.

One of the recommendations the Department of Commerce made was that they issued a standard new set of Rules of Association that clubs could readily adopt and the Department recommended that clubs adopt these new rules where practicable.

The Club has followed their advice by adopting a new set of Rules of Association with a few changes where our clubs method of operation does not suit the recommended rules.

A Special General meeting will be held on 9th April 2017 to consider and if deemed fit to adopt these new Rules of Association to replace the current Constitution, A Notice of Meeting will be issued closer to the date which will enable all members the opportunity to attend the meeting and vote on the proposed changes. However in view of the size of the document it is appearing on the website so all members have an opportunity to study the document and compare it to the current constitution which is also on our website to ensure that you are satisfied with the rules prior to it being voted on.

Please note there are also Club By-Laws which are introduced at the same time which control some of the matters that the Committee feel the membership should decide on and these will be introduced at the same time and when they need to be amended in the future it will be done usually at the normal Annual General Meeting.

 Please take the opportunity to study the documents and if you have concerns or recommendations please contact either Harry Postma ( or Clint Hort (

Harry Postma

Official notice: Notification of new Club Rules of Association Jan 2017

Proposed Rules (constitution): Revised Rules of Association PDCC

Proposed club by-laws: Club By-Laws 2017