PDCC Members – Important Notice


The 2018 AGM and Windup will be held on Sunday November 4. At this stage, a venue and details are still being finalised. Official notification will follow soon.

At the AGM, the club will see several vacancies on the committee. For the club to continue to operate in an effective manner, the club will need to fill these positions with members interested to continue the good work of the current committee and our club forbearer’s.

At this stage, the official positions we will need to fill are –
• President                                                 Liam Magowan
• Vice President                                      Michael Vreeken
• Race Director                                        Mark Glorie
• Timing Manager                                  Michael Vreeken
• General Committee – X 2              Phil Edwards, Vacant Position

In addition to this, Pauline Dawson has indicated that she would also like a well-earned break on the registration desk, so we will need to replace this position as well.

The club has been well served by these members over the last number of years, and we certainly thank them for their service. The club is in a strong position overall; however, we cannot continue our current level of service to members without a new and committed committee for 2019 and beyond.

There is much mystique behind the time commitment for the committee. Yes, there are times when there is a lot to be done, but like anything, the more people involved, the lighter the work as you spread the load. Most of the work can be completed if we have enough people with as little as 30 minutes per week (average) commitment. There are many jobs to be done, but spreading the load reduces the requirements on everyone.

Below is how the committee would like to be set up for the 2019 year and beyond. The Club committee meets on the third Tuesday of every month. The Club Executive and Subcommittee chairs are required to attend. This meeting is approximately 2 hours in length. Each member of the Club Executive will have a role to play in each sub committee as well as their official duties. (IE -Treasurer and Race Registrations)

Even if you cannot help on the committee, if you can commit to one job on race day, that is a huge help. For instance – committing to picking up and returning the toilet each race day, or committing to help set up signs each race day, or committing to set up the tents each day race day etc. Every little thing helps.

Thank you for your consideration, if you would like to know more, please discuss with any of the current committee, send an email, or post in the comments on Facebook. We will be only too pleased to talk with any members on this. The future of the club depends on its volunteers.


Peel Districts Cycling Club – Committee