Winter Racing

With the winter season almost upon us, just a quick reminder about racing with Peel District Cycling Club.

Licence – you must have a current Cycling Australia racing license to race with PDCC. There are plenty of new options including a 1 week license, or a 2 month Trial Racing license. Head here to get your license / membership. Of course, make sure you select PDCC as your club. Club members receive many benefits including reduced race nominations.

Racing Rules – the club has some specific rules for our racing. We want to ensure racing is competitive, enjoyable and safe for everyone. Refresh your self with our rules here.

Nominations – all nominations are now done online with Entryboss. All races are now open, you can nominate here. Our policy is that if you are a DNS for whatever reason, we will reimburse you no questions. You can also scratch yourself before entries close. Entries close at 6pm the day before racing. We may open up spot entries, but these will be online as well… so just nominate early.

Grading (A-E)- You will be graded by our race committee prior to the race. A start list will be published on Thursday evenings prior to the event for those already entered. If you are not comfortable with your grade, you will need to contact the club prior to Friday evening for review. A final start list will be published on Friday evening after nominations close. The handicapper’s decision is final.

Women – Again we will be looking to run graded races for women. You have the choice of either nominating for the mixed grades (A-E), or Women only grades (A-D). Just nominate for your grade, if you want women only racing nominate with WA, WB, WC, or WD. We will do our very best to accommodate and make up grades.

Prizes – there is a points competition for PDCC members for our racing season. All prizes are cash and trophies, and are awarded at our windup in November. You need to be a PDCC member to accumulate points. Prizes are awarded for many categories.

The PDCC team is really looking forward to this season. We hope to see you there.