Peel Classic 2020

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Date(s) - Sun 04/10/2020
8:00 am

Jarrahdale Classic


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Entry Fee

Junior (U15, U17 Only) $35.00
Senior C Grade Women,

D Grade Men and Women

Senior A+B Grade Men and Women,

C Grade Men

Transponder Hire $5.00

Racing Schedule


Start Time



A grade 0900 131km 2004m
B Grade Men 0903 87km 1336m
A Grade Women 0906 87km 1336m
C Grade Men 0909 87km 1336m
B Grade Women 0912 87km 1336m
D Grade Men 0915 44km 688m
C Grade Women 0918 44km 688m
D Grade Women 0921 44km 688m

The Course

This year the course is around the Historic town of Jarrahdale. The event will start in and finish in Jarrahdale, travel down the hill to South West Highway, then head to the iconic climb of Kingsbury Drive where the field will encounter the 10% incline. The race will then pass the Monastery before crossing Serpentine Dam and back into Jarrahdale.

The A Grade men will complete 3 laps of the circuit, B Grade Men and Women plus C Grade men will complete 2 laps. C Grade Women and D Grade Men and Women will complete 1 lap of this iconic course.

The KOM / QOM will be judged at Monastery on the second ascent of Kingsbury Drive for A grade men and Women.

Prize Pool

Over $4000 of cash prizes will be awarded to the podium. Equal prize money will be awarded to Male and Female grades.

King and Queen of the Mountain prizes will be awarded

The first PDCC Member in each grade will be awarded for their effort.

Membership Requirements

A Cycling Australia race membership is required to enter the race. One Week and the Two Month Race Starter Memberships are accepted.


By entering a specific grade does not necessarily mean you will race that grade. Grading will be conducted by the Club Handicapper in conjunction with the WestCycle grading committee to ensure fairness. Grading will be conducted on your ability.


The LBS – Local Bikes Shops deserve our support. They work hard in our community to support the sport that we love. We have such wonderful sponsors that support local cycling. Please support them in any way that you can.