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Ride Leader

PDCC Training Rides are social in nature. They are designed for the enjoyment of all, and encourage the social aspects of riding in a group. To ensure that the training rides remain very social, each bunch will be appointed a ride leader whose role is to –

  1. Maintain the speed guidelines of the group.
  2. Encourage participation of ALL riders.
  3. Maintain an awareness of the group.
  4. Be consistent with safety messages.
  5. Set an example regarding safety. 
  6. If leaders observe unsafe actions, tactfully suggest to the riders to ride safe.   
  7. Maintain a minimum distance (e.g. 300m min) between all groups. At no time, should groups combine or overtake each other. It is the responsibility of the following group to maintain a distance.
  8. Where a rider punctures, or an accident occurs, the entire group will wait and assist. Ride leaders are responsible for the behaviour of the entire group.
  9. Ride leaders need to maintain their own fitness and only lead groups they are capable of controlling.
  10. New riders in a group should have a buddy assigned to them at the start of a ride. This person should be an experienced rider, know the route, and can coach / advise the new rider.

Ride leaders should not always ride at the front of the group, rather control the group and ensure all are OK.