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Congratulations, bike riding is one of the best ways to keep fit, meet new people, and enjoy the outdoors. Bike racing can be a daunting prospect for some, so below we will go through some information you may need before fronting up to your first race.


As much as it would be fun to race on unicycles, rules for equipment exist to ensure safety and a fair playing field for all competitors. A full listing of technical regulations can be found on the Cycling Australia website, the most relevant requirements are:

  • Helmet – model must not only be AS/NZ 2063 approved, but also still contain the approval sticker.
  • Bike – essentially boils down to being a road bike in working order. Worth noting that it cannot weigh less than 6.8kg. If it has a UCI sticker then it meets all requirements.
  • Clothing – jersey must cover the shoulders, so no tri-tops. Also no performance aiding items like compression clothing.

There are further regulations for juniors and for special equipment like Time Trial bikes. These are regulations that all riders agree to when applying for a race license. Failure to follow could result in disqualification from events, fines from sanctioning bodies, and refusal of insurance in case of accident.

Optional equipment that you might want to consider includes:

  • Water bottle(s)
  • Eyewear/sunglasses
  • Gloves
  • Small repair kit
  • Warmer clothing in case of weather


More to come.

  • Pace
  • Group riding


Club Membership currently costs $30 per calendar year. PDCC is one of the largest racing clubs in Perth, with members across all ages and abilities. Membership will also entitle you to be eligible for Championship Points in the different club race series that we run throughout the year, made up from over 50 events all year round!

Separately, a Gold Racing License from Cycling Australia will cost several hundred dollars per calendar year, depending on your age, and entitles you to enter all races conducted by PDCC as well as Open races throughout Australia. It also includes coverage by 24-hour personal accident/injury insurance while training for and competing in sanctioned events in Australia. Public Liability Insurance is also in place in all CycleSport WA sanctioned events.

The easiest way to obtain both club membership and a racing license is to use Cycling Australia’s online membership site. This will bundle both memberships in the single payment.

If you want to try racing for 1 to 3 times, you can purchase a single or three-day temporary license before committing to a yearly membership. Temporary memberships need to be obtained before an event, and can be bought online.

Types of Races

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  • Road Races
  • Criteriums
  • Time Trials

What to Expect

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More Information

Peel District Cycle Club (PDCC) is affiliated with Cycling Western Australia (operating under the name CycleSport WA). More information about State and National representation can be found there, as well as rules and regulations that PDCC must operate under.