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The PDCC aims to encourage people of all ages from 12 years upwards to actively participate either competitively or recreationally through its two social riding groups, the Mundijong Wheelers and the Rockingham Social Group.

The club culture will be inclusive. All cyclists will be given a fair go regardless of ability, race, gender or religion. Special attention will be paid to our junior riders to ensure no bullying takes place. We encourage a learning experience.

All cyclists racing competitively must be members of Cycling Australia, who’s rules and regulations will be enforced to ensure fairness and safety in racing.

We emphasise enjoyment in participating which is more important than winning.

Communication between officials and riders will always be open, fair and courteous. Unsporting behavior and bad language will not be tolerated. The club has a disciplinary sub-committee and disputes will be handled calmly without hostility. An issue should be addressed to the Club Presidentwho chairs that Committee, or to the Race Director.

The club will enforce its No Smoking policy during events nor will it condone consumption of alcohol.

The club will ensure that an adequate number of officials have Working with Children accreditations and coaching qualifications.

Selected junior teams will be accompanied by a manager and a girls chaperone when competing away from home.

All road races will have approved Traffic Management Plans with applications for temporary suspension of the Road Traffic Act/Regulations duly signed by local council, local police and Chief Superintendent of Traffic. The appropriate signage and adequate marshals will be provided at each event.