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Current Results

2021 Winter Road Club Points (Last updated: [file_modified id=5494 format=d-m-y])

Past Results

Summer Time Trial Results

Time Trial Points Competition

Mens Fastest Competition

Womens Fastest Competition

Lap Time Results

Summer Criterium Series Results

Club Criterium Series

20/21 PDCC Summer Criterium Points Leader Board

20/21 Summer Criterium Club Points Competition

20/21 INTERCLUB Points Leaderboard

20/21 PEDALARE Criterium of the Year, Supported by Telstra Shop Wanneroo – POINTS TABLE

HILLY TT 2020 – Age Standard Results

Winter 2020 – Road Rider of the Year – Points Competition

Winter Road Series Results and Points Competition – 2018 (Last updated: [file_modified id=3950 format=d-m-y])

Peel Women and Junior Tour Results 2018

Summer Crit Series Results and Points Competition – 2017-18 (Last updated: [file_modified id=3877 format=d-m-y])

TT Results 2017-18 (Last updated: [file_modified id=3847 format=d-m-y])

Timekeeper’s TT 2018

2017 Road Results (Last updated: [file_modified id=3641 format=d-m-y])

Hilly TT Results 2017

State Junior Road Championships 2017

Peel Junior & Womens Tour 2017 Results

Time Keepers TT 2017

2016-7 Time Trial Results (Last updated: [file_modified id=3429 format=d-m-y])

2016 Hilly TT

2016 Road Results (Last updated: [file_modified id=3251 format=d-m-y])

2016 Peel Junior Tour (Last updated: [file_modified id=3289 format=d-m-y])

Time Keeper’s TT 2016 (Last updated: [file_modified id=3236 format=d-m-y])

2015-16 Criterium Results (Last updated: [file_modified id=3005 format=d-m-y])

2015-6 Bonser ITT Series (Last updated: [file_modified id=2986 format=d-m-y])

2015 Hilly TT

2015 Pinjarra Classic Results

2015 Road Results (Last updated: [file_modified id=2808 format=d-m-y])

150530 Dwellingup Results

2015 Peel Junior Tour

2014-15 Criterium Results (Last updated: [file_modified id=2224 format=d-m-y])

BW 2-Up TTs 2015 Results (Last updated: [file_modified id=2515 format=d-m-y])

BW Individual TTs 2015 Results (Last updated: [file_modified id=2354 format=d-m-y])

Bonser TTs 2014 (Last updated: [file_modified id=2210 format=d-m-y])

Hilly TT 2014

State TTT 2014 Results

Pinjarra Classic 2014

2014 Road Results (Last updated: [file_modified id=1730 format=d-m-y])

2014 Peel Junior Tour (Last updated: [file_modified id=1768 format=d-m-y])

Timekeepers TT 2014 (Last updated: [file_modified id=1736 format=d-m-y])

2013-14 Criterium Results (Last updated: [file_modified id=1419 format=d-m-y])

2014 Brian Whiteway 2-up TT Results (Last updated: [file_modified id=1462 format=d-m-y])

2013 Bonser TT

2013 Road Results

2013 Hilly TT

State TTT 2013 Results

Dwellingup Handicap 2013 Times

Peel Junior Tour 2013

2012-13 Criterium Results

2012-13 Summer TTs

2012 State TTT Pinjarra

2012 Road Season

2012 Pinjarra Classic Results

2012 Peel Junior Tour

2011-2012 Summer TTs

2011-12 Criterium Results