Conor Leahy wins A grade from bunch sprint
Conor Leahy wins A grade

Club Racing Rules

Safety is paramount for the club, we want to ensure that every competitor is as safe as possible. Racing rules will follow the Cycling Australia Technical Regulations for club events. Plus, there are a couple of club rules that will be enforced.

  1. If you take your hands off the bars during a race, you will be disqualified. This means no celebrations on victories with your hands off the bars, or aero positions where your hands are off the bars. This action will be deemed unsafe, and you will be disqualified from the race.
  2. The club races with different grades on the course at the same time. If you mix with another grade, or take advantage of another grade in any way, you will be disqualified. At times the races come together at the wrong time. For the safety of all, the slower grade MUST yield to allow the faster grade to pass as quickly as possible. Racing can resume when there is a sufficient gap between grades.
  3. The club will not condone any unsavoury language or behaviour. Respect of the club officials is expected of all members and visitors. If you do not show the respect deserved of officials, you will be disqualified and asked to leave the race immediately.


Protests are to be made to the race director directly after the race in writing. Any protest will be deliberated on by the race committee on the day, results will not be final until a decision is made. The race committee reserves the right to deliberate on decisions for as long as it takes to review all evidence, and will notify individuals in writing.

The race committee’s decision will be final.


Below is a guide to the grades that compete in club races:

Grade Approx. Speed Crit. Duration Crit. Approx. Road Race
A 40+ km/h 50 min + 1 lap 33 km 75 km
B 38 km/h 45 min + 1 lap 28 km 65 km
C 36 km/h 40 min + 1 lap 24 km 55 km
D 34 km/h 35 min + 1 lap 20 km 45 km
E 32 km/h 20 min + 1 lap 11 km 20/35 km

PDCC has always been a club that caters for all cyclists that are interested in competitive cycling. We are a club that runs cycling races over 20 times per year in differing formats over differing courses. The club has members as young as 9 and older than 80, and all have differing abilities and goals.

With such a diverse membership, the one of the major challenges for the club is fair grading to ensure a culture of enjoyment, engagement, and above all inclusiveness for all members. Delivering this whilst offering a competitive and friendly environment is our challenge.

Membership diversity also offers a significant challenge to the club in the ability to run separate events for specific membership groups. These could include age specific events (masters, juniors), gender-based events, or a mixture of both. To ensure a grade is successful, 10 competitors or more is desired in each grade.

For the above reasons, the club has, and will remain to ensure grading is completed on ability of the competitor’s overall fitness, bike handling skills, and confidence to compete in a specific grade. Grading is quite subjective, and it is never always right, though all care is taken to ensure grading is as fair as possible for all competitors.

Online entries are now being utilised to allow the club more time to ensure grading is as fair as possible, and decisions on grading are mainly completed prior to race day.

Within each grade, the club is aware there are possibly 3 groups of competitors.

  1. Grade (+) – Those competitors that are confident they will always be looking for the win, are looking to promote to the next grate. Find the grade a little easy.
  2. Grade – Those competitors that are comfortable within the grade whilst being challenged, have the ability, fitness and skill to compete for the win on most occasions. Not looking to promote or demote between grades.
  3. Grade (-) – Those competitors that are challenged within a grade. Struggle to hold on to the group, they may be lacking fitness due to a break / illness. They may have just been promoted into the grade or may be moving to a lower grade due to decreasing fitness / age.

The club continues to offer 5 grades (A to E) for local club competition which offers a racing grade for all abilities, and membership groups. The club encourages enjoyment and friendly competition between members.

  • E Grade – (Beginning Grade) A grade for those beginning the sport, or at the end of their cycling career. It is probably the most diverse grade with competitors at the extremes of age difference. It is a grade to develop bike handling skills and enjoy competitive racing.
    • Average speeds – 28-30 km/hr
  • D Grade – (Development Grade) – A grade for those that have growing skills and ability, are developing speed and skills for close bunch racing. Our first competitive grade where the events become quite competitive.
    • Average Speeds – 32-34km/hr
  • C Grade – (Progression Grade) – A grade for those that are quite competitive, have the ability and skills, and enjoy the racing environment.
    • Average Speeds – 35-37km/hr
  • B Grade – Competitive Racing – A grade for those that want to compete at a high level, but may not have the ability to maintain competitiveness in A grade
    • Average Speeds – 38-40km/hr
  • A Grade – Our most competitive grade. This is the grade for those that are the strongest in our club.
    • Average Speeds – 40-42+ KM/hr

The club will continue to attempt to ensure that all competitors are always within the correct grade. If a member feels that they are in an incorrect grade, the club encourages the member to discuss this with the club officials prior to race day.

Promotion between Grades

  • Grades E – D, D – C, C – B and B – A
    The club is aiming to keep each participant in each grade competitive with their peer riders. This means that riders who consistently win or place 2nd or 3rd in their grade will be promoted to the next grade.
  • Grades A – B, B – C, C – D and D – E
    Similarly riders who consistently come in the last three places will if they agree be relegated to a lower grade.

What this means is that there will be a constant promotion and demotion in the grades.

The handicappers reserve the right to override this scheme in the following circumstances

  • Riders who prove to be in the wrong grade in the 3 races immediately following promotion/demotion
  • Riders returning from prolonged ill health or injury may ride in a lower grade but will earn 2 points in the Rider of the Year competition even if they win or place in the race. The next rider will earn the returning rider’s points.
  • New Start Riders will generally be placed no lower than C Grade subject to apparent level of fitness or known ability from other riders. They will be immediately regraded if their performance in the first race they attend identifies an incorrect initial grade.

Handicap Races

Each rider will be handicapped according to their ability as shown in the regular race series.

Points Scoring

Championship points are awarded to A, B, C, and D grades only, as E is a development grade and receives no championship points.

Criterium & Road Race

No of Riders 8+ 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Award Points

1st 12 10 8 6 4 3 3 3
2nd 8 7 6 5 3 2 2  
3rd 5 4 3 3 2 2    
4th 3 3 2 2 2      
5th 2 2 2 2        
6th 2 2 2          
7th 2 2            
8th + 2              
     DNF  1              

Handicap Race

12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,2,2, etc and 1 for DNF plus 3, 2, 1 for the fastest 3

Time Trials

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, etc and 1 for DNF plus 3, 2, 1 for the fastest 3

The points earned in weekly races are accumulated in the Rider of the Year competition for each particular series.

The Handicapper’s decision as to each individual rider will be final.

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