Virtual Racing

The club is pleased to be offering a Virtual Racing platform to our members and visitors. We began down this track as we were not able to race together in April and May 2020. Since its inception, the virtual racing has grown and gives an additional option to members of PDCC.
We are using the RGT Cycling platform for our races.our YouTube channel
What is it all about? Check out our YouTube channel.

What do you need?

    1. With RGT, you need down load two applications.
        • One app is for your viewing screen (smart TV, Computer, iPad etc)
        • The second is for your mobile control device (mobile phone, tablet etc). All details on the application can be found on the RGT website.
    2. A power enabled trainer which can be either
        • A bicycle based power meter with the bike set up on a stationary trainer (Powertap, Stages, Vector etc)
        • A Smart Trainer (Taxc, Wahoo, etc)

Why RGT Cycling?

    1. We have found RGT gives the club the freedom to run races specifically for our members. They are private races, and you can only access them if you have the specific race link.
    2. There is a great variety of courses, and we have the ability to load up our own courses and race on local roads.
    3. The application is very stable, and easy to use.
    4. During the COVID-19 crisis, it is free to use.

Who can race?

Our virtual racing is open to anyone that wishes to join in the events. It is free to enter, and free to race. If you enjoy the racing, please consider joining the club as a member.

Will there be a racing series?

The club is planning an ongoing virtual racing series. Club Members will be awarded points across the series for an overall winner. You need to be a PDCC club members to accrue points and to be part of the points competition.

Where / when will we race?

Racing is conducted in your own home on the RGT app. Currently racing is on Wednesday, and Thursday evenings at 6.30pm. Also on Sunday mornings at 10am. This will be reviewed when the club begins racing outdoors again, but will continue and not clash with the real world events.

Where will I find out about the events?

Event schedules are posted on our website calendar as well as our Facebook Page and Strava Club.

How will the events be graded?

Grading will be in a similar format to the club’s real world events. You will be graded on ability, and race with people of similar ability. Races are a mass start, but points will be awarded by grade.

Can we communicate during events?

Yes, the club has set up a Discord Server. Here you can communicate with other members with voice and text chatting. Perfect for racing online. 

How do I get started?

If you have the equipment you need, download the apps from RGT cycling, test it out, then join up to one  of our races with the link. Introduce yourself on our Discord server, and join in. It is free, and very fun.

Check out the video below for some tips.


Virtual Racing Results

You can view your personal results by viewing within the app. Head to race, then completed races, and you open the one you want to view. Results below are for the club points competition.  Current Points Competition Road Race Points Crit Points Competition – …