Jackson Brown has plenty to sing about at Coodanup

36 riders attended this week’s Peel District CC event held at Coodanup on Sunday 12th.

First event away was D grade with 35 minutes plus a lap to ride. Three riders established an early break, Tom Power, Rob Mold and David Porter which lasted the whole way and Power took the final sprint from Mold and Porter.

Photo: Harry Postma 4th in D grade
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B grade were next to finish having ridden 45 minutes plus a lap at a blistering pace. Jackson Brown continued his winning ways with a clear win from Saul Hart and John Buonvecchi. This win puts Brown into a good challenging position for the Crit Rider of the Year competition.

C Grade (40 minutes riding) was another fast race with all the riders who completed the race sticking together in a group until the final lap. The final sprint decided the order with Brad Gildersleeve, John Bouwknegt and Javier Chee taking the first three places.

The E grade event was also unusually rapid with a break of three getting away early on and gaining half a lap on the field. This breakaway group then broke up with the three riders, Matthew Beecroft, junior Kyle Nankivell and Mark Glorie going on to complete the race in that order. Beecroft lapped the main field at one lap to go.