Roberts Claims Win at Rockingham

It was a fairly quiet day, with many local events influencing overall numbers at this weekend’s Peel District Cycling Club fixture

Regardless, there was still a good field of 40 riders ready to face the starter. D grade was away first with 11 riders.

Matthew Beecroft won his second D grade race in as many weeks and will shift on to C grade, Behind Beecroft a flurry of riders fought to secure the top placings with Andrew Brown and Javier Chee taking second and third places respectively.

The combines A and B grade event was next away with a very keenly fought race which saw the odd breakaway attempt that was soon closed down. At the end it was a bunch sprint with Mark Roberts, Tim Harris and Dave Berglund 1, 2 and 3 in A Grade and Clint Hart, Ryan Willmot and Andrew Crack taking B grade.

The C grade event over 40 minutes proved to be another bunch finish with Andrew Brown, Javier Chee and John Bouwknegt taking honours.

E grade had only 4 riders and was run at a fair pace with Neil Andresen winning from Mark Glorie and John Bywater.