25th March 2012 Club Criterium Championships at Rockingham

58 riders started in the Club Criterium Championships held on Sunday 25th March. E grade were away first with an unusually small field of 7 riders, several E grade riders having ridden in the under 13s junior’s race. The gold medal went to Jimmy Lee who capped a learning season with a fine sprint win from John Bywater and John Chalmers who took silver and bronze respectively. The next grade away was A grade again with seven riders including a visitor Michael Fitzgerald. The win was a resounding one with Jackson Brown showing a clean pair of heals to the other riders in a very fast finishing sprint. Second was Fitzgerald who missed out on the silver medal as medals and ‘Champion’ status are reserved for club members only. Silver was taken by Mark Roberts and bronze by Phil Deisel both within a wheel of Fitzgerald. C grade was next off with 13 riders of which 11 survived the constant pace surges to the finish, Gold was taken by Russell fryer, Silver by Emily McRedmond and bronze by Andrew Brown in another large bunch finish. D Grade was next away with a dozen riders, some eager to score some points in the final race of the season towards the ‘Crit Rider of the Year’ competition. The win was taken by Heydon Thorpe from Dave Simmons and visiting rider Stephen Winslade, The Bronze medal going to Tom Power who was fourth.

The final race was the B Grade event with 15 starters. Michael Polmear took a clear win resplendent in his Green Edge colours to take gold followed in bby Peter Carlin and Kurt Harmer with the same time in. The judges deemed Carlin the winner by a tyre.

The ‘Crit Rider of the Year’ competition ended with A grader Mark Roberts equal to Dave Simmons in D Grade at 103 points for the season. Both riders had the same number of wins and second places with Roberts finally winning out with more third places than Simmons.




A Grade 1 Jackson Brown,2 Michael Fitzgerald,3 Mark Roberts,4 Phil Deisel,5 Tim Harris,6 Dave Berglund,7 Daniel Gray


B Grade 1 Michael Polmear,2 Peter Carlin,3 Kurt Harmer,4 John Buonvecchi,5 Peter Mills,6 Andrew Crack,7 Andrew Candy

,8 Ryan Wilmott,9 Kelly Gray,10 Clinton Hart,11 Justin Brown,12 Steve Dodd,13 Glyn Fish,14 Brett Clapham

,15 Saul Hart


C Grade 1 Russell Fryer,2 Emily McRedmond,3 Andrew Brown,4 Geoff Marshall,5 Brent McGregor,6 Richard Williamson,7 Craig McDonald

,8 Steven McConnachie,9 Alex Williamson,10 Adam Farrell,11 Adam Wise, DNF Troyy Helwig, DNF Arthur Connor


D Grade 1 Heydon Thorpe,2 Dave Simmons,3 Stephen Winslade,4 Tom Power,5 David Porter,6 Harry Postma,7 Mark Glorie

,8 Rob Mold ,9 Nancy Caceres,19 Christian Lefrentz,11 Clint Hort,12 Brian Bird


E Grade 1 Jimmy Lee,2 John Bywater,3 John Chalmers,4 Tony van Merwyk,5 Connor Lee-Kelly,6 Paul McRedmond,7 Clive Mills

Juniors 1 Ethan McConnachie,2 Harry Lee-Kelly,3 Baden Gray,4 Todd Brown,,,