Junior News

Hi All

Saturday 21st @ 2.00pm is the start of the winter road season as you all know the club will run separate races for juniors if there are sufficient numbers, I will be riding with you and hope to get other senior riders to help also. Those who wish, I will motor pace on Sunday morning at Esturary Rd Dawesville at 8.30 with a couple of timed hill climbs please confirm if you are able to attend both sessions or choice [my ph no 0488155897] I am sorry I have been unable to get back with your training schedules as yet due to work overload, those who attended the velodrome last Saturday well done I think most of you enjoyed it, and  thanks to Mikala for her help I will do a couple more sessions with you and those who wish to pursue track racing please speak to me regarding who to contact and future coaching. Triathlon athletes who now have finished their session I highly recommend that you do as many road races as possible to keep your and improve endurance level.