Road Race Start Times

During the winter road racing season we like to get the races underway as near to time as possible. Graded race times are 14:00, 14:02, 14:04, 14:06 and 14:08 for A, B, C, D and E grades respectively.

Riders are requested to line up in grade order on the left side of the road, answer their names when called. Listen to any special instructions from the starter and move off when directed. Please be aware of other traffic, it is at the start we are the most obvious to motorists and blocking their way does nothing to improve relationships.

For handicaps we like to get the first group (longmarkers) off at 14:00 with other riders going off at the prescribed time intervals.

In view of the time it takes to see just who has nominated we close nominations at 13:50 – it really fouls the system up when riders turn up after noms have closed.