Junior News

HI All

Sorry I could not be with you at Serpentine Saturday due to a urgent work requirement. Saturday morning at the Velodrome was enjoyed by all with the Brown Boys who did not want to leave the track  had big smiles as their track skills all came together , we did a 3000 IP with Alex and Tom  and a 1500 TP with a Alex Tom and Kyle and a few scratch races with Alysha and the boys, it was a excellent performance by all, rest of the session were various track skills and now every one can bunny hop their bike . I will be happy to continue with the Saturday morning sessions if required, those who will be racing later will be confined to aerobic and skills only,  however I need a commitment of regular attendance with numbers at least of 8 to keep the costs down, if travel is a problem I’m sure a phone call can solve that, could you please reply to me by Wednesday 23rd