Nambeelup Road Race 5th May 2012

70 riders competed on what looked, only 3 hours earlier, would be a complete washout. However the Rain Gods were merciful  and we had a superb afternoon’s racing around the Paterson/Corio/Lakes Roads triangle. The circuit is around 28 kms and took the  riders around 45 minutes to complete. ‘A’ grade were away first but, most unusually, however they were caught by the  theoretically slower ‘B’ grade riders. Once joined neither grade had the horse power to get away from each other so they both  intermingled and finished together leaving the officials to sort out the results. Fortunately we were using the electronic  timing system and finishing photos to help sort it out. ‘A’ grade was won by Phil Deisel from Ian McLurg and Dave Berglund  and the ‘B’ grade was taken by visiting rider Mark Hindley from Colin Rose amd another visitor Matthew Wardyner.  In the ‘C’ grade event Thomas Breen broke away from the bunch 12 kms before the finish and rode on his own to win from Craig McDonald  and Geoff Marshall. The ‘D’ grade race was won, in a fast sprint finish, by Rob Ramirez from Dave Mitton and Don Griffin. Tom Power  puntured early on and rode solo for 45kms. ‘E’ grade was convincingly won by Bruce Berrington, who repeated his Serpentine effort  a fortnight ago and is destined for ‘D’ grade. Tony Ridgley and Evan Sharpley were second and third.  The Juniors rode a sinle lap along with escorts Coach Murray Coombs and Daniel Gray. Harry Lee-Kelly won the sprint with Ethan McConnachie  and Todd Brown close behind.