Help Required for Dams Challenge 2013

On Sunday 14th April Bicycling WA will be conducting the Annual Live Lighter 3 and 5 Dam Challenge. Also this year they will be holding a Great River Ride for kids and families over 12 kilometres.

They are requesting the Peel District Cycling Club to supply Marshalls for course marking and mobile bike Marshalls for the Great River Ride, this includes Lead Riders and Sweeper Riders on bike to monitor the progress of riders on the course. As this event takes place on the shared cycle paths along the South Perth area of the Swan River, the event will be over in 2-3 hours.

Also general assistance and possibly marshalling on the Dams Challenge ride. Duties for this event may include managing a small team of volunteers at any Dam checkpoint, assisting with the lunch stop/feed station at Wungong or Serpentine Dams or course marking, as instructed.

Those that are interested in helping on the day can learn more about the events on the BWA website.

If you can assist, please contact Stan Fennell on 0447 182 341 by 10th March. This is an important fundraising event for PDCC, and volunteers will be paid a fee for their services.

Stan Fennell