Message About Safety at Races

We need to have a word about safety during races. We need to make some minor changes to our behaviour before we are forced to do so:

  1. Keeping Left
    Many of us have been guilty of taking some corners widely, or crossing over the centre line if the bunch has spread out. Please take the corner slower, or shout a quick call that you’re “moving up” in order to keep on the left side of the road.
  2. Stopping on the Road
    This is a particular concern around the finish line area, with riders stopping for a chat after a race. The road needs to be kept clear for both bike and car traffic – particularly when other grades are still finishing.

The primary reason for this reminder is safety. The club does what it can to avoid dangerous situations, including traffic management plans in association with local Councils and Police. We would expect our riders to do their part and abide by a conduct charter, we want everyone to enjoy themselves but it’s not much fun being laid up in hospital.

A secondary reason is keeping the local residents happy. It only takes a couple complaints from members of the public for our permission to use those roads to be revoked. It has happened in the past with our club and others.

I would encourage you to remind other riders if you see them in situations that could end badly. If they choose to ignore you then myself and the rest of the race committee are always available.

Steve Dodd
Club President