The PDCC Timing System

Chip Installation Guide

For optimal accuracy the chip must be placed on the front fork closest to the timing computer, this could be either left or right so check with the registration desk when collecting your chip. The reason here is that some materials (especially carbon fibre) block the radio signal from the chip, giving an incorrect reading or no reading at all.

Also the chip must be orientated so that the little “handles” are facing forwards and backwards. This is due to the antenna inside in the chip. Failure to place the chip correctly could affect the time reading either positively or negatively up to 0.1 seconds difference. At 50km/h this could mean a 1.4 meter advantage or disadvantage.

Ensuring your own chip and those of your competitors are in the correct spot (before the start of your race) means we get the most accurate results we can.

Rubber Band

  1. First tie off the band on one of the handles.
  2. Pass around the fork and feed through the other handle.
  3. Pull the band over the chip to secure.

chip with band


chip with velcro

How the System Works

Firstly a wire loop is placed over the finish line. This loop produces an Electro-Magnetic field which extends about 8 meters up and down the road, and 3 meters either side of the road. This is why we need to get vocal sometimes about riders bringing their bikes near the line.

As a chip enters this field it starts broadcasting its number in a radio signal. This radio signal is picked up by a decoder box as the chip passes by, calculating when it passes over the line. A time is then passed onto the timing laptop and displayed in our timing software.

timing layout