Clarification on Equipment Policies

As a Cycling WA affiliated club, our events have to be conducted according to the rules and regulations as outlined by Cycling WA, Cycling Australia, and the UCI. You can find copies of these here, although the reading can be rather dry at times.

The most relevant parts are:

  • Helmets – model must not only be beĀ AS/NZ 2063 approved, but also still contain the approval sticker.
  • Bike – essentially boils down to being a road bike in working order. Worth noting that it cannot weigh less than 6.8kg. If it has a UCI sticker then it meets all requirements.
  • Clothing – must cover the shoulders, so no tri-tops. Also no performance aiding items like compression clothing.

These are regulations that all riders agreed to when applying for a race license. Failure to follow could result in disqualification from events, fines from sanctioning bodies, and refusal of insurance in case of accident.