Club Committee 2014 Nominations

The Club Constitution provides for 10 members to administer the affairs of the Club. This Committee meets once per month to conduct its business with meetings lasting 2-3 hours, however there are tasks away from the Committee meeting but if we get enough members sharing the load the tasks should not be too onerous in terms of time commitment.

The Committee positions consist of:

  • President Currently Steve Dodd who being eligible is nominating for the coming year.
  • Vice-President Currently Kelly Gray who being eligible is nominating for the coming year.
  • Secretary Currently Andy Bennett who is not seeking re- election to this position but is nominating for a general position for the coming year.
  • Facilities Officer Currently Peter Moyses who is not standing for re- election.
  • Treasurer Currently Harry Postma who being eligible is nominating for the coming year.
  • Junior Foundation Currently Andy Brown who being eligible is nominating for the coming year.
  • Race Director Currently Stan Fennell who is not standing for re-election.

There are two other general positions that also need to be filled in addition to the Secretary, Facilities Officer, and Race Director and nominations are called for from interested Peel Cycling Club members who are willing to serve the club in this capacity.

The committee members listed above who are renominating are committed to seeing the club continue to grow as it has in the past but they need help.

Any member who wishes to nominate as a Committee Member can do so for any of the positions including the specific roles listed above and if we get more than one nomination for each position a vote will be taken at the AGM. A committee membership ideally would include a number of higher grade riders to ensure that racing interests are well represented.

To Nominate for Membership of the Committee please fill in this form and send it to the Secretary of the Peel Cycling Club at or print and mail to: Harry Postma Treasurer, 241 Masters Road, Darling Downs WA 6122.


The Peel Cycling Club has grown over the years to be a fairly large club with a membership of over 230. We are efficient in most ways but most of the work around the club is being carried by older senior members who are showing strain from carrying out too big a load for far too long. What the club desperately needs is a number of volunteers to ensure that we continue to supply quality services at all events. Most of the tasks are undertaken on race days and do not require special skills.

Family members and friends are most welcome. It is not a requirement that you need to be available for all events but simply be available if rostered on from time to time. Some of the tasks where we are seeking help are listed below:

  • Marshals Four people in addition to our existing marshals to help out at weekly races
  • Clothing Sales Two people to promote and sell club clothing at road races and criteriums
  • Coaches Two
  • Road Signs Four people to assist Tony Van Merwyk erect and collect road signs at road races and criteriums

Contact Steve Dodd or Harry Postma if you are able to help.