AGM 2013: Notice of Meeting



The Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday, 1st December 2013, commencing at the conclusion of the Criterium Race to be held at Smeaton Way, Rockingham, WA.


  1. President’s Report to Members
  2. Discussion of Financial Statements for the 12 Months Ended 30th September 2013
  3. Election of Committee members
    1. Stephen Dodd being eligible offers himself for re-election.
    2. Kelly Gray being eligible offers herself for re-election.
    3. Andrew Bennett being eligible offers himself for re-election but not as Secretary.
    4. Hendrik Postma being eligible offers himself for re-election.
    5. Andrew Brown being eligible offers himself for re-election.
    6. Mark Glorie being eligible offers himself for election.
    7. Election of at least 4 additional nominees.
  1. Other Business
    1. Club Membership Fees
    2. Rockingham Cycling Facility
    3. Club Uniform
    4. Club Duty Rosters
    5. Any other business from the floor


NB. Rules for the Election of Committee

CL28. Nomination for each candidate for election as office bearer or committee member shall be proposed and seconded respectively by two (2) members at the Annual General Meeting. Contested offices shall be subject to ballot at the Annual General Meeting of the members present and voting thereon. This said ballot is to be in secret.

CL29. No person shall be eligible for election unless he is a financial member of the club.

Cl30. The election for the office bearers and the other Committee members shall be by ballot of members present and voting thereon, held at the Annual General Meeting. No ballot shall be required when the number of candidates Nominated for each office does not exceed the number of vacancies and they shall be declared duly elected.

Please support your club by attending this meeting so that we can get your support and feedback on the running of our club.

H Postma