Private Transponders

The Committee has made a decision that from now on we will only use club owned transponders in club races.

The logic behind this is that it simplifies race registration on race days and that it will extend the life of the Orion timing system by having spare transponders to replace the ones that are starting to fail.

The transponders which were bought in 2011 have an approximate three year life after which the battery wears out which means the end of the transponder.

As the system is now three years old we can expect transponders to start failing. The club has 150 transponders while there are about 30 privately owned ones. The cost of replacing the transponders is $75 each which for 200 transponders equates to $15,000.

If any member objects to donating their transponder to the club they can take the matter up with Treasurer Harry Postma.

It will be appreciated if you would hand your transponder over to the registration clerk the next time you race.

Harry Postma