Committee Meetings Notes – June

The PDCC committee held its monthly meeting on Tuesday 10Jun14 at the Gary Holland centre in Rockingham. Items discussed were;

  • The Peel Junior Foundation funds – the uses and requirements for the money. It was decided the funds would remain as is, but additional funds would not be added this year.
  • Approximately 10 volunteers for marshalling will be called for to assist at a Cyclo Sportiv event to be held at Pinjarra on 27Jul14. Volunteers from PDCC will be paid petrol money.
  • The lessons learnt from the Peel Junior Tour – A favourable report was received from both competitors and the Commissaire. An attempt to reduce the overall time taken to complete the event will be looked at next year.
  • Club clothing – a new order has recently been placed with an estimated shipping date (from Italy) of 18Jul14.
  • PDCC to remain with Western Australian Cycle Sports Inc
  • Club President Steve Dodd advised the committee he would not be standing for re election at the next AGM. Club members considering volunteering for the position should advise Harry Postma.
  • Consideration is being given to restricting club championship races to club members only. This will require a change to the constitution. To gauge interest in the subject, members will be asked their opinion. Depending on the level of concern it might be put to a vote at a later date.
  • The Committee would like to thank the following members who attended the recent training programme run by CycleWest to qualify as Road Marshalls They were Peter Mills, Steve Leahy, John Bouwknegt, Phil Deisel and Scott McMaster. They also earned 5 points in the Road Race Championship. Kevin Wilson and Bill Burrows also attended. Thank Guys it is much appreciated.

As always, club members are encouraged to discuss PDCC related concerns they might have with committee members with a view to improving the club.