Committee Meeting Notes – July 2014

The PDCC committee held its monthly meeting on Tuesday 08th Jul 14 at the Gary Holland Centre in Rockingham. Items discussed were;


  • The committee are considering subsidising club cycling clothing for Junior riders (members). However, difficulty in the supply and/or obtaining appropriate sizes has been identified. This subject has been deferred to the next meeting but agreed to in principle.
  • Consideration is being given to restricting club championship races to club members only. This will require a change to the constitution. To gauge interest in the subject, members will be asked their opinion – email survey to follow.
  • Approximately 10 volunteers for marshalling are required to assist at a Cyclo Sportiv event to be held at Pinjarra on 27Jul14. Volunteers from PDCC will be paid petrol money. Names of volunteers to either Steve Dodd or Adam Wise please.
  • The club clothing order is now on its way and is expected early next month. Kits will be available for sale on arrival.
  • PDCC will no longer have to pay $4 per senior rider to Western Australian Cycle Sports Inc on each occasion where non –members exceed 10% at our club events. A flat fee will instead be paid resulting in a reduction in expenses for the PDCC.
  • The committee decided to replace the Tents/Marquees (usually erected at the start/finish line) with ones displaying the club colours/logo.
  • Mark Glorie volunteered to take over as the PDCC, Racing Management Committee representative.
  • The social group riders are to star in a calendar (dressed in club colours) which will be used to advertise their activities.
  • Following an accident at Wandi on 14Jun14 (where all C grade riders stopped racing) the committee agreed to award two points to each rider. This would only inconvenience the first few place getters which had not been determined. In future, whenever a race is abandoned due to one reason or another, the committee will decide the allocation of points depending on the circumstances.


The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 12Aug14. As always, club members are encouraged to discuss PDCC related concerns they might have with committee members with a view to improving the club.