Committee Meeting Notes – August 2014

The PDCC committee held its monthly meeting on Tuesday 12Aug14 at the Gary Holland centre in Rockingham. Some of the items discussed were;


  • The Australian Junior Sports Foundation is to be left open to enable funds to be allocated should a suitable need become apparent.
  • President Steve Dodd is to meet with Hand Cycling Australia on 26Aug14 to discuss disabled persons racing at our meets.
  • We are still awaiting a quote from a potential supplier for the club’s Marquee/s.
  • The club has received a cheque for $5,000 from the Department of Sport and Recreation’s Peel Office. This is provided as part of the Government’s “Regional Organisational Sustainability Program.”
  • Peter Moyses provided the committee with a comprehensive brief on the progress of a local cycling facility. The proposal for a facility in Baldivis will be discussed at a Rockingham City Council meeting with a view to establishing a venue by 2020. It is anticipated the facility would include a crit course and possibly a concrete mini velodrome.
  • Andy Bennett has assumed Racing Management Committee duties from Mark Glorie.
  • The proposed date for the Club’s social function / presentation night is Sunday 16th November at a venue yet to be confirmed.
  • A draft set of instructions for marshals is being compiled, as not all appear to understand their duties.
  • Safety concerns:
    • Maintain your line when sprinting, hands to remain on the handle bars (when crossing the line).
    • Wear a helmet at all times when on a bike, including when proceeding to and from the registration desk.
    • Spectators, including those who’ve finished racing are to remain off the road to enable those still racing a clear view of the finish. This will also aid officials attempting to determine place getters.
    • Vehicles are to be parked off the road and are to remain parked until completion of racing. Riders are requested to make non riders aware of these requirements.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 09Sep14. As always, club members are encouraged to discuss PDCC related concerns they might have with committee members with a view to improving the club.