Race Report – Club Championships Dog Hill 13 September 2014

The club championship, saw the biggest field of club members this season. The beautiful weather would of helped, though for some an extra lap of the course for all grades in the club championships was going to be testing.

A grade was an aggressive race, with a number of attacks and riders getting dropped. On the fourth lap Micheal Fitzgerald and Wade Longworth established a small gap, over the next two laps the extended the gap into a race winning lead. On the final lap Fitzgerald left his breakaway companion behind to win solo. With Longworth second and Troy Fitzgerald leading the chasers home in third.

Lennon Mclintock time trialing to victory in B

Lennon Mclintock time trialing to victory in B grade photo by Michelle Malherbe

C grade sprint see caption

Eddy Wojick winning the sprint in C grade photo by Michelle Malherbe

The extra lap also had an effect on D grade. The first lap was a very subdued affair with no attacks and all 12 riders very wary, this lap seemed almost neutralised with much discussion going on in the bunch until it was livened by an attack about 1 km from the start finish line. This attack continued throughout the second lap which proved to be fastest and hardest of the race at about 36km/hr average, this was driven primarily by the Ramos brothers clearly showing their hand to make it a very tough race. The grade set a good pace from there until the end of the race with all but one rider finishing with the main bunch. The race was won in a sprint finish with David Simmons taking the win with Oky and Rennie Ramos taking second and third.

E grade saw the first handcart racing with the club. Richard Williams with the handcart, established a good break on the first couple of laps, Before the oldest and youngest riders racing Ken Portman and Lowen Ferry chased him down. At the start of the fourth and final lap, all three were together. Before Portman using his experience as a time trialer to solo to victory. With Williams second and Ferry close behind third.

E grade please see caption

the oldest rider Ken Portman racing, leads the youngest rider racing Lowen Ferry and Richard Williams in a handcart over the line for the final lap in E grade: photo by Michelle Malherbe