Serpentine 6 September 2014

The bunch start winding up the sprint in B grade

The bunch start winding up the sprint in B grade

With other races on the weekend and inclement weather, the number of riders was well down from usual. While the threat of heavy rain may of keep some riders away it was the strong winds that had a major impact on the racing. With a third of the course into a strong 40 kilometre an hour plus headwind, it would make it difficult for breakaways. As individual rider or two would be no match for a bunch of riders chasing.

A grade consisted of six riders and after two laps, it was a group of four working together. The group stayed together for another four laps, then on the second last lap just as the heavens open, the attacks happen and the group quickly fragmented and it was four individuals chasing glory. With Thomas Sandholt-Lund first, Wade Longworth second and Colin Rose third.

B grade had the largest field of 11 riders and while there was a number of attacks, ten riders swung onto Karnup rode together after 7 laps. With Michael Reeves winning the bunch sprint from Michael Voros and Peter Carlin third.

C grade started with five riders, after half the race they were down to four, halfway through the final lap, it was three. Halfway down Karnup Road to the finishing line it was a race of two with Eddy Wojcik out sprinting Conor Leahy for the win, with Nick Cowie third.

D and E grade where combined to give the four D grade and three E grade riders some protection from the wind. D grade managed to stay together until the final lap, when the bunch exploded and Richard Keating soloed to victory from Mike Burrows with Richard Reeves in third. Anthony Clews won E grade by staying with the D grade riders until the final lap. Ken Portman who was dropped a lap earlier finished second. The perseverance award goes to Tony Van Merwyk who was dropped on the first lap and battled the wind alone to finish third.


The B grade was a bit of a blur