AVCC National Championships 2014 Results

Results for the Australian Veterans National Champs have been posted, and we wanted to congratulate some of the PDCC “hard men” for their fantastic results:

Bob Addy (Men 70-74) – TT 2nd, Crit 2nd, RR 1st
Peter Mills (Men 55-59) – TT 1st
Phil Deisel (Men 45-49) – TT 1st, RR 2nd
Peter Carlin (Men 50-54) – TT 1st
Colin Rose (Men 45-49) – TT 2nd, Crit 1st

Not to be outdone we had strong results in the Women’s as well:

Shannon Arnott (Women 40-44) – TT 1st
Ali Dyson (Women 50-54) – TT 1st, RR 2nd