Great Result from Lara Memorial Fundraising

$1124.50 was raised and donated by the Devenish Family to Greener Pastures Sanctuary. Lara was a volunteer for this organisation spending many man hours there. I have included some info on them below.

One behalf of the family and myself I would like to thank everyone involved in the day. A fantastic effort by all involved.

– Dave Simmons


Greener Pastures Sanctuary is a small not for profit farm animal sanctuary located in Waroona, approximately 110kms from Perth in Western Australia’s Peel region. Our 100 acres of animal bliss is a permanent and temporary home to rescued animals such as horses, cattle, goats, sheep, chickens, ducks and pigs.

At Greener Pastures we believe all animals should be protected by law from the cruelty that is inflicted upon them on farms today, in particluar factory farms. De-beaking, castration, tail docking, de-horning, and muelsing are all extremely painful procedures done without anaesthetic or pain relief, along with severe confinement denying them of their most basic instinctual needs. Farm animals are the most abused animals on the planet.

We aim to show people that there is no difference between the animals they love and pat and the ones they choose to eat.

We welcome the general public and groups to visit the sanctuary by appointment. Please use our contact page to get in touch with us if you would like to organise a visit.

We have recently started a pet adoption program for dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs. We are always looking for responsible carers and volunteers to help with animal transport and home checks. For more information please email