Loss of Wandi Road Course

It was mentioned at the recent Criterium Champs that we were at risk of losing our Wandi course for the road season, as it stands we are unable to run events on that course without closing the roads to traffic. This would be a difficult undertaking as the club lacks the necessary equipment (signs etc), has insufficient qualified personnel, and would further weaken our relationship with local residents.

To fill out the calendar we are attempting to revive the Casuarina Short Course, which utilizes Orton, Casuarina, Coyle, and King Roads. This is currently before the local council and we should hear back shortly if we are approved. Given the short time frame for the 2nd May race, we may have to cancel the race and have a social ride instead.

This has been coming for some time. As the greater Perth area continues to expand and former farmlands give way to suburbs, we are losing the courses we historically use. Others like Dog Hill and Serpentine are also under threat. For this reason the club has been pursuing local and state governments to help us find a permanent home, one that would be off public roads and away from the dangers of vehicles. The current goal is working with the City of Rockingham to establish a track at the planned Baldivis District Sports Complex on Stakehill Rd.