Race report – Dog Hill 9 May 2015

A grade finish

Theo Yates, left 1st. Stephen Hall centre 2nd and Sam Welford right third in A grade.

A big contingent of visitors, including a number of National Road Series (NRS) riders saw the largest ever A grade field in memory with 36 riders taking to the starting line in Baldivis. It was fast, with a 43kph average over the 75 kilometres of racing and furious with countless attacks. On the last lap four Navitas Satalyst Racing Team riders had a gap, but that was closed mainly due to the efforts of Nicholas Graham-Dawson. In the ensuing bunch sprint, it was a Peel club member, Theo Yates from the Navitas Satalyst Racing Team first, Stephen Hall from OTOC Vault Racing second and Yate’s team mate Sam Welsford third.

B grade had 26 riders and the intention were made clear when 4 riders attempted to escape from the start at 50kph. The bunch brought them back quickly as it did with every other attempt. In the bunch sprint, Matthew Swan showed a clear pair of heels to win from Martin Thurlby, with Craig James third.

C grade was another aggressive race, with all attempts to escape were brought back. Mark Crowther attempt of the third lap, took half a lap of hard chasing and split the pack. The next two laps were subdues, as riders tried to recover for the final sprint. Which was won by South West Cycling Club’s Michael Morton, with Ryan Barwood second and Adam Stolarek third.

With a number of new faces, D grade was a more cautious race, as riders tried to figure the other riders out. The last lap was anything but cautious as riders put in attacks to try and get away, this reduced the bunch from 10 to 4 in single lap. In the kick to the line it was Corey Gaidzionis first, Ethan Mcconnachie second and Zoe Stolton third.

The return of E grade, was a battle between youth and experience. The bunch stayed together until the final lap. When the youthful riders went on the attack. Though the circuits is known as Dog Hill, it is a very flat course and there was limited opportunites for the young riders to exploit there power to weight advantage. In the end, the downwind finish, allowed the experienced riders to make use of the unrestricted gearing and skip away. With Simon Stolton first, John Chalmers second and Matthew Connan third.

Next Saturday is the Peel Junior Tour at the Kwinana Motorplex, the next race for senior riders in the Dwellingup Handicap on May 30.