First Aid

With the growing popularity of our club races, it’s time to revisit how we handle accidents and emergencies.

We have added a spot on the Marshaling Roster for a First Aid person at each of our club races. This would be well suited to people that would be hanging around the finish line already – like parents and partners. Luckily most of the time this doesn’t involve any action, but it would put our minds at ease if there was a volunteer available to take charge of a situation instead of a race director or corner marshal abandoning their other duties. To get your name on the roster please follow the instructions on the marshaling page and contact Luke.

If you are wanting to obtain a First Aid certificate, the club will gladly pay for you to do so. If we have a large-enough group we can book a private session, otherwise there are one-day sessions with St. John Ambulance that can be completed individually. Contact Mark if you are interested.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that in the unfortunate case of a serious accident within a group, the Race Director may decide that there will be no winning points awarded for that grade and all riders in that grade will collect the 2 points for finishing. We encourage our riders to be Good Samaritans and will not penalize those who stop to render assistance.