Evening TTs 2015/16

We have always had a hassle over the start target. Some riders are declining in ability while others are improving considerably compared with previous years. To attempt to make this fairer for all riders the following will apply.

The series will consist of 8 TTs before Christmas and 8 after with the rider’s first event time being recorded and used as the initial target. This will also add a new dimension to the competition with some riders possibly trying to time their improvements over the season. The first event will carry no scoring. Riders missing this first event will set their future target with their first ride, again without score.

There will be two competitions spanning the 16 weeks. The first will be the ‘best improvement’ format as used in the past. The second will be a points competition over the 16 weeks with Fastest, 2nd and 3rd fastest being awarded 3, 2 and 1 points respectively. Riders will be scored in both compositions.

In view of the general traffic conditions and the fact that on some evenings the light fades quite early on, riders are asked to fit a flashing red light on their seat post or rear seat stays.

Any riders wanting to pair for a 2-up time may do so but the result will carry no points in the competitions.

Roger Woolley