Race Report – Motorplex 6 December 2015

The grey skies and the threat of rain, kept a number of riders away, particularly those in the lower grades. The rain was a non event, the wind on the other hand had a major impact on the racing. The strong southerly and the exposed nature of the Motorplex course meant it was strength in numbers. If rider was off the back of a group the wind made sure they would not get back on. It also made more difficult for a breakaway to succeed.

The juniors only faced a single lap, Madisson McAulisse continued her form from last week to take the win. Gabriel Glorie was second after his sister Kassandra made a mistake on the approach to the final corner. Kassandra recovered to finish third. She was the not the only rider to have troubles with the final corner, with far more experienced riders finding it difficult to get the right line and carry enough speed through the corner. It resulted in a few riders off the back of their groups.

D and E grade were combined, it was hoped to give some protection to the E grade riders. It did not matter, at the end of the first lap there was four D grade riders at the front and the rest of the riders strung out in single file. After a few laps there was only three riders at the front. In E grade William Lendrum was putting in an audition for D grade chasing the D stragglers and took the win comfortably. Anita Watters chased hard for second and Ashton Sime was third.

The leading trio in D grade continued to increase their lead, in the sprint it was Oliver Bleddyn first, Richard Ramos second and Emma Lendrum third.

C grade saw only five riders take to the circuit. While there was numerous attempts to drop riders, the five stayed together and in the sprint it was Kelana Saleh first, Ron Mcarthur second and Darren Lee third.

B grade was a race of attrition, the bunch had been reduced to half their original number when Mark Glorie attacked on the bell for the final lap. Nicola Nizzi quickly joined him. Over the final lap, riders attempted to chase the pair down. Nizzi was far too strong and stayed away to secure the win. Jordan Dawson was the best of the chasers and finished second. Glorie just held off the rest of the chasers for third.

The biggest field was A grade with twenty riders. A breakaway of three riders Conor Leahy, Ryan Willmot and Matthew Peterson was quickly established. The pursuing 17 riders were in disarray and never managed to organise a chase. The three just kept increasing their margin. With five minutes to go Leahy just rode away from his breakaway companions to take the solo win. Willmott outsprinted Peterson for second.