May News

A few news items for the month of May.

MyLaps Chip Hire

As of the 1st of July we will be charging an additional $5 for hiring a MyLaps timing chip, so now would be the perfect time to purchase your own. If you have a personal chip it can also be used at ATTA, WC Masters, MCC, and SPR/RC events – saving you money in the long run.

Click here to purchase your own chip and have it delivered to you. If you already have an older chip but need to obtain a new subscription then click here.

Number Placement

We ask racers to please remember to place their race numbers in an easily readable position. Lately we have seen many riders putting the large number too high up their back, which makes it very hard to read when you are in an aero tuck. The best place to place the large number is over the pockets of your jersey.

Likewise riders need to also place the smaller number on their side so it can be easily seen by both the line judges and video camera. As great as the MyLaps system is, sometimes finishes are too close for the computer to call, or as happened last year the generator could break down. Small things like these slow down the process of getting results to you.

Junior Tour Volunteers

We still require a handful of volunteers for the Peel Junior Tour on Sunday 29th May. Please contact Adam if you are able to help out. There are various small jobs like the sausage sizzle and registration desk that always run smoother with more help, plus you get to witness the future rising stars of cycling!