Vale John (Jack) Iveson

Former club member Jack Iveson died last week after a six month battle with illness. Jack was born January 1935 in Yorkshire, England and came to Australia in the 1960s. Jack was one of life’s characters. He was an unusual man with several completely different fronts.

As a cyclist Jack was very much into the competitive side of the pastime and raced for many years in both West Coast Master’s and Peel events. His performances were many and varied with perhaps the most memorable being in one of the first Pinjarra Classic races when we he crashed about 10kms before the finish and later, after a considerable amount of first aid, made an appearance at the Pinjarra Pub looking like the invisible man.

Jack will be remembered for his humour on many Mundijong Wheelers Thursday rides where he could be heard at the back of the bunch regaling the group with stories of his early life in Yorkshire in a loud broad Yorkshire dialect. Jack was usually at the back, being well known for his dislike of getting anywhere near the front, except when racing and then only on the last lap.

In his working life John (Jack was for cycling activities only) was a Micro-Biologist working for much of his time on Antarctic specimens. He was a prolific author of technical papers, all hand written. Many of these papers were produced after retirement.

Jack was also a cave maker and rock wall builder which at times was written up by local newspapers and the Kelmscott cave was, on occasion, the site of a breakfast BBQ for the Mundijong Wheelers.

Another side of Jack was his role as a snake attractor; his nickname of Dugite Jack was well earned. Snakes must have liked him – he seemed to find them everywhere. Once on a Mundijong ride we saw a snake slithering along the crown of the road. We all parted to pass it and all went well until Jack came up alongside when somehow or other it wrapped itself around his pedals. Mayhem was caused and somehow Jack knocked the snake off so we could continue the ride. One other tale we were told was the time he found a dugite in his bedroom and how he had searched for, found and removed it wearing a pair of Wellington boots and not a stich more!.

The Funeral is at Bowra & Odea at 312 South Street, Hilton – 10:00 Tuesday 30th August