Evening TTs 2016/7 Hopelands Road – Wednesday evenings

The series will consist of 8 TTs before Christmas and 8 after with the rider’s first event time being recorded and used as the initial target. The first event will carry no scoring. Riders missing this first event will set their future target with their first ride, again without score.

There will be two competitions spanning the 16 weeks. The first will be the ‘best improvement’ format and the second will be a points competition with Fastest, 2nd and 3rd fastest being awarded 3, 2 and 1 points respectively. Riders will be scored in both competitions over the 16 weeks.

For safety with regard to other traffic and the fact that on some evenings the light fades quite early on, riders should fit a flashing red light on their seat post or rear seat stays.


2/11/16 9/11/16 16/11/16 23/11/16 30/11/16 7/12/16 14/12/16 21/12/16
11/1/17 18/1/17 25/1/17 1/2/17 8/2/17 15/2/17 22/2/17 1/3/17

As in previous TT series, timing will not be automatic and will be on a mouse click or button press. This process is helped enormously if rider’s numbers are displayed as to be visible to the timekeepers on the left side of the road preferably just above rider’s hip level. It also helps if riders shout their number when they finish.


Roger Woolley