About the Summer Season

summercritsBy now some of you might have heard rumours about this coming Summer season, or seen the news from CycleSport WA and wanted to know what is happening. The PDCC Committee has agreed to join together with other Metro clubs to run a Summer Criterium Series under the CycleSport WA banner, that will replace things like the Tech Park Smashfest and our own PDCC Summer Series. 

About the Series 

The series incorporates races from November to March, some of which will be hosted by Peel.

We expect all events in the series to be popular, as there will be no other race events clashing with each other. Fields in Men’s A, B, and C will probably be 40-50 deep. Juniors are able to ride lower grades, the grade list indicates the maximum grade they can enter. 

More details about the series and online registrations will be released soon, so keep an eye out for Facebook updates from PDCC and CycleSport WA.

What this Means for PDCC 

We understand that this means a reduction in the amount of racing that PDCC runs, down from 18 races last Summer. Our goal in coming together with other Perth clubs was to strengthen the racing community, instead of splitting the field when there are multiple events happening. Our hope is that everyone will become better racers. There are still 12 events in this series, plus additional events like Australia Day Crits, State Crit Champs, and our own Club Champs, all which will be tougher than our club events were. 

This also frees up the committee’s time to focus on other endeavours, like building a dedicated criterium/training track and finally having a home for the club, or running social/training rides for our members. 

Grading will need to be revisited on an individual basis, as we align ourselves with the CycleSport WA grading system. This usually means that your typical PDCC C grader will be an Open D grader, and so on up to our best PDCC A graders which might challenge the Open A grade. Introducing separate female grades will also be a big step for PDCC, as we were never able to attract the numbers to give them separated fields. Juniors will also need to be seeded into their appropriate grade, with ceilings applied based on their age. Rest assured that the little tykes race that was popular last Summer will find a place at PDCC events! 

Running less events does reduce our volunteering requirements. However we are hoping to put more efforts into the events that we do run, in a more professional way. Some jobs can be completed by two people in shifts, so each still has the opportunity to race or otherwise enjoy the event. 

Historically the club has also allocated points in each of its races towards a Rider of the Year award. This is an area where there have been no firm decisions made by the committee, however we are hoping for member input that next year’s committee can implement. PDCC will still run a Club Crit Champs, which will only be open to club members. 

Thanks to Previous Pioneers 

It would be unwise to change for the future without also acknowledging our past, and the members which have devoted time, money, and effort into growing the club into what it is today. Any of the names you see on the Life Members list – there’s a reason they are there. In many cases these people surrendered their own racing  opportunities, in order to provide the Peel region with a full calendar. 

Their intention was to provide the Peel region with friendly bike racing for people of all abilities, and on that point alone they achieved great success. 

When I started racing only 5 years ago, Peel already had an established member base and calendar. The grades were much smaller then, often only 5 riders in A and E grades and 10 in each of the rest. Recently a couple of our club races have had over 100 competitors, which shows the quality of racing that PDCC has become known for. 


Hosting events of this size has raised the expectations for the whole event. Whilst we have gotten by making small improvements (like flushing toilets!), we would be unable to provide the quality that people are expecting as often as we have in the past. This is why we are reducing the total number of events this season, but in turn doubling the efforts that we put into the events that we do run. 

See you this Summer, 

Mark Glorie 
PDCC Vice President