2016/17 Time Trial season has started

Ken Portman

Ken Portman about to start the 16km TT for the umpteenth time

The Wednesday evening time trial series, started last week, with only a handful of riders. Including the course record holder Stephen Hall and the club’s oldest member Ken Portman.

For those who have never ridden the race. Racing starts at 5:30pm from the Hopeland Community Centre. You travel 8 kilometres down Hopelands Road into a strong sea breeze, before turning round and heading back with the gratefully assistance of the wind.

For those who have raced before, last year’s road works have improve the surface. If is still a chip seal road, but all the patched holes have been replaced with a relatively smooth surface. Though when heading south, the new surface is uneven in parts.

Overall, the times were down this week compared to last year for most riders, with Stephen Hall almost 90 seconds off his course record, riding the 16 kilometres in under 21 minutes and 30 seconds. Ken Portman also struggled compared to his past efforts, still managed to complete the course in under 32 minutes.