Summer Volunteer Roster

In a giant leap of technological ability, we are moving our volunteer roster from a downloadable spreadsheet to an instantaneous online… spreadsheet! 

Previously everyone required the ability to open Excel documents, any any updates had to pass through several hands before showing up on our website. With this version you should be able to view any changes that are made much quicker than before, and on any desktop, mobile, or tablet device.

Click here to view the roster

Click here to read some frequent questions that come up

I have also added some of the other jobs that are required on the day, that don’t involve marshalling traffic. It’s important to remember that filling each of these positions really helps to keep the race day running smooth, and allows the Race Director of the day to focus on the safety and fairness of the competition.

I have also allowed for jobs to be done in two shifts. Those that want to compete can share the position with another member that is racing before/after them in a different grade. Just mention it when communicating to