Looking forward – PDCC in 2017

The Peel Districts Cycling Club is transforming. You would be more than aware of the exciting, high quality racing in current Summer Criterium series, this is only one of the many changes you will see coming soon.

The Club is really focused to develop cycling for the whole community in the Peel District and exciting, safe racing for all is only a very small part. Our plans are to transform the club from more than just a racing club into something great, but we need your help to be able to achieve it all.

PDCC is looking to develop several Sub-Committees to enable the club to be able to execute these plans. These are as follows –

Racing Sub Committee – Chaired by Mark Glorie

We are looking for a few members to help Mark with the planning and execution of our racing calendar for the new season approaching. There is a lot to do here, and while Mark does a huge amount for the club we believe it would be great to have a few more members with a racing passion to really develop our racing calendar.

Duties would be to attend small meetings when required, input ideas, and help with the logistics of running racing. Currently the Club Committee acts in this manner, however ideally a representative from every grade on a racing subcommittee would be of great help, only 3-4 people required. Probably 1-2 hours per week would be more than an ample amount of time.

Social Sub Committee – Chaired by Myself, currently consisting of Liam Magowan, and Steve Dodd.

We have several events planned this year from Social Evenings, Training sessions, Information sessions and Sunday Club Group training rides to cater for all when we are not racing. But again, to make it all work, we are looking for a few extra people to help.

Duties would be again to attend a small meeting monthly (very social), and offer ideas and some knowhow and to help make these events a reality. Ideally, we would like another 4-5 people to join our subcommittee, and we would really like a significant female influence if this is possible. The time commitment would only be 1-2 hours per week.

Junior Sub Committee – Chaired by Steve Dodd

The club is very focused on bringing Juniors through, and giving them every opportunity to be able to develop. We have had some great success recently with our Juniors, and would like to continue this, but we need some help.

Duties again would be to attend a small monthly meeting, and help with the coordinating of our Juniors. Again, probably 1-2 hours per week would certainly cover this off.

If you could help in any way, please send me an email, and advise where you would like to be involved. A final note – Sub Committee members are not required to attend the Monthly Club Committee meetings, so there is no need to worry about this. They are a more casual way to help the club out where you can in a much less official manner.

Yours in Cycling,
Clinton Hort
Peel Districts Cycling Club