July Member Bulletin

Dear Members,

Peel District Cycling Club over the recent history has been going through somewhat of a transformation. We are in the very fortunate position that our club pioneers have developed a very strong cycling club, and left a great legacy for us to continue. However, whilst our pioneers remain as involved as they can, they cannot continue the great work that they have done.

Peel District Cycling Club is a great club; we have a great community brought together by our love of cycling, and in particular cycle racing.

Peel District Cycling Club is a young club; our members are predominately working professionals or juniors. While this is great for our future, it brings significant challenges when trying to manage the affairs of the club with the ever-increasing busy lifestyles we all lead.

A team of dedicated volunteers runs Peel District Cycling Club. The committee is a group of passionate members that freely give up their time to ensure the club can continue to offer safe, regular racing. However, the committee cannot do it alone, and need the help of like-minded members to assist in running the club.

I am writing to you to consider how you can help the club in a sustained way. This does not have to be joining the management committee. If you can only spare 1 hour per week, we will take it! Multiple jobs require attention every week, and if you can only help with only one job on a regular basis, it goes a very long way. As they say, many hands make light work.

On race day, marshalling is the most important job, and requires a number of people to be effective. One race per year is the requirement from every member. If this is all you can do, please ensure you put up your hand. We would really like everyone to volunteer his or her time to be fair on every member.

We would really like to develop the club. To enable this, and for the committee to be truly effective, we need more help to set up some sub-committees. These are focused around the two most important functions of the club, Racing, and Social.

Race Committee

Chair – Mark Glorie

The charter for the Race Committee is to ensure the club continues to provide regular safe racing to all members. This is the biggest requirement for time in the club, and requires most help. Ideally, it would be great to have the following roles filled.

Race Director Mark Glorie 6 Hours per week
Assistant Race Director Vacant 1 Hour per week
Club Handicapper Vacant 1 hour per week
Volunteer Coordinator Phil Edwards 1-2 hours per week
Timing Michel Vreeken Race day requirements
Timing Assistant Vacant Race Day Requirements
Traffic Management Planning Adam Jones 2 Hours per week


Chair – Clinton Hort

The charter here is to develop the Social aspect of the club through Group Training Rides, Functions and Fundraising. The current committee is below.

Social Cub Committee Steve Dodd 1 hour per week
Social Cub Committee Vacant 1 hour per week
Social Cub Committee Vacant 1 hour per week


The Management Committee for the club is made up of the below positions. Also listed is the current responsible person. Our next AGM is in November, as always we will have some people from the committee not wanting to stay for another year. This is only fair as they have done their time, and we cannot expect the committee to continue on forever. We will need to replace them, so please consider if you can assist the club, it can be quite challenging and rewarding at the same time. If you would like  to know more about any of the positions, or what is required, please talk to any committee member, and we will give you as much information as you need, including time requirements.

Executive Committee


President Liam Magowan
Vice President Mark Glorie
Treasurer Harry Postma (Will be vacant at end of year)
Secretary Clinton Hort

General Committee


Steve Dodd Social
Michael Vreeken Timing
Zoe Stolton Equipment
Phil Edwards Volunteers
Roger Woolley Time Trials
Nick Cowie Marketing / Reports

Summer 2017/18 Plans

Planning is well under way for our 17/18 summer series. The club would like to ensure we offer the Time Trial Series, as well as the Criterium series. However to be successful, again we will need the help of Members.

Time Trial Series – This event has been run very successfully by Roger Woolley over many years on Wednesday evenings through summer. Roger is keen to help out, but simply cannot continue to organise and run these events. We need someone that can commit to Wednesday afternoons in summer to be able to run these events. If this is you, please let us know.

Criterium Series – The club will be offering 10 Criterium races this summer, only 2 of these events will be a “The Ring” event, the rest will be club races as per normal. We also have the City of Rockingham race on 11 November. Again, we will need assistance to ensure we can run the best events this year.


Thank you for your time in reading this. Please feel free to contact any committee member if you can help out, or are interested in filling any of the positions.

Best Regards,

Clinton Hort
Peel Districts Cycling Club