Committee Positions, AGM, and Moving Into Next Year

The 2017 AGM is fast approaching. You may be wondering “How can I help out the club”. To help you understand what is required of committee members, please find attached a new document explaining the roles and responsibilities of your PDCC Committee representatives. Please take some time to review it.

The club is wanting to grow and expand. To achieve this, we need your help. Next year we would like to develop 3 sub committees. Development, Social, and of course our Race Sub-Committee. To be part of these, you do not need to attend regular monthly meetings, but your contribution would be highly appreciated. We have tried to explain the requirements here.

Our Summer Calendar is just about completed, including Time Trial and Criterium racing. Again, we will need volunteers throughout the season and next year to be able to run the events. To encourage more participation the club has a new volunteer policy.

Roles and Responsibilities (PDF)

  1. It is a requirement for all club members to assist the club through volunteering at least once per club calendar year. (1 October – 30 September)
  2. If a parent, partner, or interested party “Road Marshals” 5 times per calendar year, the CLUB will
    1. Supply a PDCC Club Kit to the nominated member (One Per party)
  3. If a parent, partner, or interested party “Road Marshals” 10 times per calendar year, the CLUB will
    1. Fully refund the membership fees (Cycling Australia) for the nominated member for the calendar year (one per party)
  4. “Road Marshalling” Includes the following Duties
    1. Road Marshalling
    2. Running Registration Desk
    3. Running the Timing System
    4. Assisting in Directing the Race in conjunction with the Race Director
  5. The club will ensure that Road Marshals are trained where necessary in both Event Traffic Control, timing and directing.

Our AGM is planned for 4 November. I look forward to seeing you all there.

If you have questions around this, please feel free to respond to, or contact any committee member.

Kind Regards,

Clinton Hort