race report Dog Hill 14 July 2018

2 cyclist clear of chasing bunch

John Carter wins B grade

The threat of wild weather kept the numbers down for Peel District Cycling Club race at the Dog Hill circuit Baldivis, last Saturday. The rain stayed away until the final lap of A and B grade races, however, the wind was much stronger than the masters race last week and had an impact on all grades.

With E grade, the bunch held together for the first two laps, but under pressure on the final lap, the wind broke the bunch apart with riders being spread across the course. Sam Washington was the solo winner, ahead of his sister Emily Washington, who was clear of Michelle Baker in third place.

The D grade bunch was intact after 44 kilometres of racing, the group slowed to less than 25 kilometres an hour approaching the head wind finish, before the sprint which saw riders hitting close to 50 kilometres an hour, with Ryley Collett securing the win, with Clint Hort second and Rusty Wisewould third.

With 23 riders C grade it was largest and most aggressive race, with constant attacks and hard chasing. While no riders got off the front, a lot went out the back and after five laps and 55 kilometres of racing only 12 riders remained. In the sprint to the line Calum Milne took the win, with Mitchell Spencer second and Kurt Harmer third.

B grade started with a flurry of attacks and a couple of very fast laps, as every attack was chased down. The bunch then settled down, until the sixth and final lap and the aggressive, attacking returned. A late attack saw Mark Hamill and John Carter round the final bend, ahead of the bunch. Carter had enough in his legs to sprint to victory, Hamill was second and Brad Hall third.

5 riders sprinting for the line

Mikey Hoskens wins A grade

A grade had a similar frantic start, a couple of fast laps where every attack was chased down. On the third lap Tony Doherty launched a solo attack and got a small gap. Next lap Matt Champtaloup and Ali Milne bridged across to Doherty. The following lap Heiko Potzeldt and Mikey Hoskens attempted to join them. After six laps of racing the front trio had about 100 metres from the two chasers, with the bunch a further 100 metres behind. Potzeldt and Hoskens worked hard to catch the leaders. The five then worked together to stay away, it worked as the bunch sat up with a few kilometres to go. In the sprint to the line it was Hoskens first, Potzeldt second and Champtaloup third.