Peter Carlin – Sanctions

PDCC Members,

Many members have seen the release from ASADA naming club member Peter Carlin being banned for “attempted use, possession, use” of a banned substance . Peter contacted the club executive to discuss the issue and on Tuesday 8 August, the club executive met with Peter.

During the discussion about the issue, at no stage did Peter deny any of the allegations, in fact he freely admits that he filled the prescription that was given to him from a doctor. Where Peter failed himself and his support network was in the understand how the drugs would affect his position as an amateur athlete.
Peter went on to describe how he came about seeing the doctor in question. A number of years ago Peter had a serious health issue which could have ended his life. After recovering from this, he felt generally unwell, and was referred to another doctor. Peter found this doctor listened to his concerns and took a real interest in helping him to get back to feeling well. The Doctor was engaging, and gave significant time to understand the concerns, and prescribed a course of actions to take to improve Peter’s health. Obviously, Peter did this.

This doctor was later investigated, and Peter was subsequently investigated by ASADA, and the rest is history so to speak. Peter accepts the punishment and is serving his time out of the sport.

The one thing that Peter would like to say to our club members, is to be aware of what you are taking, prescribed or not. Peter found himself in this position due to his ignorance around the banned substance policy, and not understanding his own obligations to ensuring the drugs taken were appropriate for use of an amateur athlete. This is a situation many people could find themselves in, and many members could probably relate. If you are unwell, and your motivations are to get well, you will essentially do what you need to do, or are told to do to improve. Generally, the last thought is how it will affect your past time activities.

Peter’s plea to you all is to BE AWARE. There is much to learn in this.

It goes without question that the club’s stance is zero tolerance on doping. Both the Club and Peter hope that you can learn something out of this situation. If you need to know more about anti-doping or substances in sport, head to the ASADA website here – there is all the information you need, there is even an new mobile app that can help.

There has been a 2 year sanction placed on Peter from 23 August 2017 to 22 August 2019. The club has  deleted all of Peters results from 5 May 2015 to 25 May 2018 in which there was only one podium, the Timekeepers TT in 2016. Adjusted results are posted below. Readjustment of prize money will be offered from the club to those riders affected. Please see the Treasurer at the next event for payment.

We hope this alleviates any questions you may have.


PDCC Executive
26 August 2018