Race Report – Club Road Championships, Casuarina 8 September 2018

7 cyclists sprinting

Theo Yates sprints to victory in A grade

Saturday afternoon was the last hit out for Peel District members racing the National Junior Road Race Championships in Bunbury in two weeks.

With only three riders E grade started with D grade. The two group co-existed until the first time up Coyle Road, as soon as they hit the rise there was an attack followed by a counter attack by D grade riders. The E grade riders where distanced, the trio stayed together for the remaining four laps and in the sprint Lauryn Backshall took the win by the narrowest of margins from John Bywater, with Michael Backshall third.

While the attacks and counter attacks continued in D grade, nobody got away, the small bunch stayed together and in the sprint it was Abraham Karyadi first, Kelly Quartmaine second and Craig Wilson third.

C grade was a larger bunch, with more riders to attack, more riders to chase and more places to hide. After an eventful race, the bunch stayed together for six laps and in the bunch sprint it was Michael Jansen first, Dharlia Haines second and Ashton Sime third.

B grade was a faster, more aggressive version of C grade, nobody could get away and in the bunch sprint it was Jason Hapetea first, Calum Milne second and Kelana Saleh third.

Three of the most experienced riders in A grade made an early break. A couple of laps later the younger, stronger riders decided it was time to chase the break down and did it in such an aggressive manner they destroyed the bunch, scattering riders around the course. A few laps later the break was caught and the attacking started in earnest. This time, everybody managed to hold on, in the sprint it was Theo Yates first, Conor Leahy second and Luke Pledger third.

A members went back to Casuarina the next morning to race with West Coast Masters, most paid for the hard day’s racing the day before. The exception Colin Rose, he made into the early A grade break again, stayed away and claimed third in the sprint, after seventh the day before.