2019 Memberships – Explained?

2019 Memberships Explained

Club memberships are essentially managed for the club by Cycling Australia. In January there were many changes to Cycling Australia (Club) memberships. These changes were to give more options to memberships, and to encourage more people to join Cycling Clubs.

With our Winter season coming up, we will attempt to explain the differences.

Monthly Renewal

Probably the biggest change is the monthly renewal of memberships. With a race license, the membership commitment is for 12 months, however payment is made monthly. Your membership is also a full calendar year, so if you join or renew in March, your membership will expire in March next year. This means the end of memberships being a calendar year (Jan 1 – Dec 31).

This does change however for Ride Memberships, you can hold a ride membership for a minimum term of 1 month if you prefer.

Race vs Ride Membership? What is the difference?

Ride membership allows participation in social rides, Gran Fondos, Cyclo Sportif events, designated timed events sanctioned by Cycling Australia and our affiliated States and Clubs, as well as club and individual training, and commuting. Please note additional event entry fees may apply. There is a Ride and Ride+ membership available, with the Ride+ coming with options for Adults, Seniors, Juniors and Kids.

Race Membership allows entry to all open category races conducted by Cycling Australia and our affiliated States and Clubs. Please note additional event entry fees may apply. There are many options here depending on your circumstances.

There is a difference with insurance with the different memberships, head to the Cycling Australia Membership site for more information.

What is a Regional Membership?

This is a racing membership, restricted for racing within your club. If you intend on racing NRS, State or National Championships you will be required to purchase a full membership.

Junior Race Memberships

There are 2 Junior Memberships available, again they are available with a monthly renewal option, however the membership commitment is for 12 months.

Racing Kids – U9, U11 and U13 is for juniors aged 8 to 12 years.

Racing Juniors – U15, U17 and U19 is for Junior aged 13 to 18.

New to Racing? What options are there for trying out racing?

Essentially there are now 2 new options for giving racing a try. You can no longer purchase the old 1 day, or 3 day race license. They have been replaced with

Race Starter Kit – This membership is only for people who have not held a race membership with Cycling Australia previously.  It offers the opportunity for people to try out racing (club races only) for two months from the date of purchase.  During the two month period, you can race with any club that supports this product (as many times as you like) noting normal race participation fees apply

Race – One Week – One week race membership is a great option for people who like to race occasionally and would prefer not to commit for a full year.  This membership only allows you to race in club-based events. This product replaces the one-day race membership. 

Membership Fees Explained

When you pay your CA membership, the fees you pay are split between the Club, WestCycle and Cycling Australia.

The club receives the Club Membership fee of $30.00 from Cycling Australia.

Cycling Australia and Westcycle collect affiliation and insurance fees. The benefits of this is well explained here by Cycling Australia.

Secondary Club Memberships

Peel District Cycling Club also offers a secondary membership to Cycling Australia members affiliated to another Cycling Club.

The club offers racing nomination fees at differing rates for Juniors, Members and Visitors. By taking out the secondary membership with PDCC, you become a full member of PDCC with full voting rights and access to member events, enjoy member race nomination rates, become eligible to race in Club Championship events, and are eligible for all club prizes.

The secondary membership fee is our Club Membership fee of $30.00.

To become a PDCC member, but maintain your current club affiliation, fill in the form on our website, and send it to treasurer@pdcc.asn.au

We hope this helps work through the membership options. If you have any questions, we are more than happy to answer them and guide you in the right direction. Please send an email to treasurer@pdcc.asn.au for response.