Race report – Smeaton Way 5 January 2020

The first riders off, were the junior participation ride. Where young and some no so young riders can get a taste of racing, while being chaperoned around the 1.6 kilometre course. After two laps riding as a group, the riders then set their own pace for the final two laps, with some very fast young riders on display.

6 junior cyclists and few adults
A big field of riders and chaperones for the junior participation ride.

The riders too fast for the participation ride, race E grade for 30 minutes and one lap, with juniors being chaperoned. Early in the race Jeremy Smith attacked and got a break, Phil Edwards and Campbell McDowell worked together to close the gap and then there was three riders at the front of the race. On the final lap, McDowell attacked and rode away to take the win with Smith second and Edwards third.

D grade was ridden at a fairly fast pace, which caused a couple of casualties. In the bunch sprint it was Gavin Pearmine first, Simon Melhuish second and Ron McArthur third.

C was the largest bunch of the day and provided entertainment with attack and counter attack for seven laps until Tim Castles and Peter McKiernan broke away. The chase then split the bunch apart, as a group of fast but unorganised riders chased. Castles and McKiernan were more disciplined, worked well together and rode away from the chasers and towards a likely promotion. In the end Castles was the stronger rider and took the win, McKiernan was second and Matthew Beecroft out sprinted the chasers to take third.

Two riders sprinting
B grade’s Callum Henderson sprints pass A grade’s Joe Laurendi

With only six riders in both A and B grade, the grades were combined, with points awarded in the top finishers in each grade. The A grade riders were the instigators of the attacks and chasing in the first half of the race, which saw three B grade riders dropped. As the race went on the remaining B graders started taking more of a part in the race. When A grader Colin Rose attacked with a little over a lap to go, it was a combined effort to bring him back. In the bunch sprint B grades Ben Mears took bragging rights in crossing the line first, Callum Henderson was second in B grade and Gary Hansson third. In A grade it was Joe Laurendi first, Dominic Da Silva second and John Wood third.